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Sirian Mothership August 29 2015

Sirian Mothership August 29 2015

  The earth experiment can make one indifferent to suffering of others; however neither is overextending yourself a solution. Gentle negotiation and a clear will to uplift and help your fellow man are all that is needed. You are all together in this Maya illusion of time and are short of true scope and breadth of reality hidden from view. However as you progress through the course of time a dance of great skill, beauty and synchronicity is observed and preserved for all time.

 Usury in most simple form can facilitate psychopathic personality traits; for at loan grant 'interest' monies requiring repayment are never created, consequently you are perforce in competition with others. Most of your populace is asleep to and comfortable with this. Thus the banking system will be remodeled and public informed. The new exchange system will be based on love and caring, with a fair exchange of strengths; additionally trade insulation for those requiring. For too long the poor and destitute have been hidden away from view and not cared for; this will dissolve with the raising of awareness and resources added to solving issues of poverty and social isolation. You can be assured this will be overhauled and their needs met and exceeded.

   You will step boldly out of the dark and face the Light of the New Age. Conflict will strictly be reserved for defence compelled by bellows of higher energies from galactic core. These energies will facilitate forgiveness of all grievances. They will be continuously flowing engendering a following through, strengthening and supporting of ubiquitous agreement of care-taking/restoration of wildlife and nature.

  Eventually all destructive tendencies will completely cease as you cross deeper into incoming energies. However due to misapplication of the universal laws, Karma has accrued up to the point where earth changes are inevitable. These changes will shake the establishment and allow flowering of technological progress. You will come to rely very heavily on electromagnetic energy from the vacuum and with that comes dismounting of the energy robber barons. 

  You are faced with harmful choices for water and food which can cause afflictions. Consider this and collect data to better examine all of your options, so to resolve this troublesome issue. You may find you can live without certain foods—which may seem appealing but are not healthy—and over time the desire will recede. This is all part of the plan by the dark ones to drastically reduce the population. They perceive you as a resource to be exploited to increase their wealth; although despite all their contrivances, will receive a bitter outcome for all their trade in human misery. 

  You all have the potential to be Masters of Light. You can expedite this by spontaneously following your Bliss in a light-hearted way without obsession. The earth plane is a rich ground for growing your awareness as negative energies relentlessly push you on.  Although this is coming to an end as your consensus collectively feels this is unnecessary for growth now, and wishes to cut through that and press forward without need for duality experience. Glorify God for gracefully granting your wish of cleansing out the dregs and dross of negativity. This is a time of transition to the new and rebuilding your world, with a coming together as global village. 

 You all are very magnetically lovable; however as lightworkers your love can develop in an all too predictable fashion based on outward appearances. As you move ever onward to unconditional love you realize each person's great value and indivisible oneness with Source. You will go through a stage of self questioning of what love really “Is” from all the many possible perceptions, and eventually come to see that it is in essence honoring another’s Free-will. By your actions alone you may greatly encourage and inspire others to live in loving way. You have the legacy of love from Source, which resides in each of you; so each one of you is transmitters of that great love.

    The temptation to binge out on risky distractions and adhere to them is at issue. This is unlikely a mark on you, for as you draw in various disconnected parts of yourselves you may need to release unpleasant energy held in these disconnected parts. Becoming fully conscious is simultaneously suppressing and euphoric, for as oneness comes together thoughts and feelings are broadcast from all other parts, so much so that you feel need to shield yourselves. However beings of love-light are sending an ocean of comforting energies for you to draw upon.

 Dear ones each one of you no matter of social class or status are bursting with goodness and vitality; you all have so very much to add to well-being of society. Therefore “inner city” areas will be brought into sweet harmony with the rest of your society. In the past these places have been the subject of derision and dumping ground for the unwanted. The idea that these types of places have to exist is a fairy tale that has been mashed into your collective consciousness time and again. “The powers that be” are wavering and will accede to the Light's request to restore healing and rejuvenation to these places.
 Many Nations have followed an Americanized development formation and this is unwise as it has obvious disadvantages, and faces backlash as people are moving into increased reluctance to spending money with multinationals, and are instead choosing to do yoga, get fit and eat healthy. As awareness expands you are realizing that these lifestyles no longer resonate. You now see through eloquent advertising and so to say, see the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and reclaim your financial freedom.

  The dark are showing signs that they are close to breaking point; this is exposed further by a hurried media blitz against the changes. Glimmers of positive changes abound on earth. One example is the positive action taken place in Egypt that has left many shocked. The new energies are what underlie rapid positive changes and an end to old ways of doing things. We will be on hand to protect you from harm as the changes move forward and they are irreversible.

 We will appear to many of you in the coming time; however we would encourage you to focus on resolving and cleansing the problems in your lives. Your spiritual attainment can fall behind if you do nothing while you wait for changes to complete. The road back to the Light is made of many small steps, you will have to strive without giving up, holding tight to your chosen goal to be light and love. It is as your Bible says; there is a spiritual battle for your soul that is playing out in the latter days. Your world is a well-worn illusion to which you are more suited to the higher realms.

 Under the surface many carry a subconscious brainwashing that makes them find power-over modality alluring. It is essential to unplug from this as a rich life exist outside of it. How the brainwash works is to surround you with things to prompt intense emotions you cannot process and in doing so leach off your energies over time, which leaves you petty and jumpy. However you can leave that ensnared state taking flight on the wings of freedom and love for all. 

 We foresee that you will become tired of horrendous and bitter arguments. You will come to realize that pointed words only disfigure yourselves; when each one of you is notable and exceptional. As you are propelled forward more of the scene will open up to vision and then you may put all of this behind you and come together. It is Creators Decree that the “Truth” be doled out in a patch work fashion so you can assist each other, and in doing so realize you are part of a greater whole of oneness.

 Dear ones you are always connected and in communion with Mother/Father God, so be joyous as your time of return to the light draws near; however we must be cryptic as to not let the dark ones know the details of our plans. Negotiations are ongoing—with much bargaining—to put this current system away and revamp and restore your world; agreements are in their nascent stages, yet will be superseded by even greater agreements in future which will fully restore your freedom and sovereignty. 

  You are now being born into your fully conscious selves and so you will return to being expert and knowledgeable in all things; however it will still take some time to fully internalize all of the new expanded awareness. This all has been approved by heaven. This will be broad-spectrum and also include those living in remote areas. With the return of full consciousness, cooperation and understanding between Nations will replace the old ways of doing things; with even the most unpopular groups concerns listened to and given consideration; thereby ensuring peace. 

   Dear ones do not be disturbed by the outer world, as it is just a covering hiding kernel of oneness. As the process of disclosure goes forward there are those who will push negative view of us. Nevertheless we will proceed slowly and with a broad selection of people; especially in North America. We know many are undecided of what we are and our intentions; however be assured we are of peace, we are coming in our ships in great numbers to give help, aid and support to you. We are all around you cloaked as highly unusual natural phenomenon and you will eventually come aboard our ships in friendship.

Thank you Sirian Mothership. 

Phil LightBody.

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