Monday, 25 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 26 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 26 May 2015.

 The elite are so intertwined with the common man as to become one in daily life, so are encouraged to work for benefit of collective human good. However they take our attempts at dialogue to resolve problems of social inequality as a sign of weakness. The current leadership has no intention to change their despotic ways, so they will be replaced with rulers who have self-discipline to see through the heavy lifting of clearing out all corruption.

 As time condenses into your experience it further processes your metamorphosis into a Fully Conscious Being of Light. You will find protection and cover in the light, when your kundalini is unlocked you will be plugged into reality to such an extent that you can outlive anything that may come your way. When faced with the unknown you may tend to let yourselves freeze, nevertheless state clearly and with energy your intent to move into the light and it will be so.

 From our Mothership we see many in the populace look like stars lit up as their inner light shines on. With great awareness you have found ways to keep rolling forward. If you look up you can see our large ships as bright nimbus clouds. We see your troubles and hear your cries and we send you the tools to dissolve your chains of limitation and break free. These tools will help guide and protect whether in the world of dreams or in waking life from attacks of the dark, which twist and contort things to trick you. However you have the energy within to work through this.

The Divine Feminine is being recovered and with that comes spiritual insight and inner strength, yet with kindness and wise judgment. This will propagate out leaving many unprepared. Engulfed by apathy and indolence will be those following the masculine 'power over' principle. Rather support will be given to those that direct their lives from the words of their Sacred Heart, however make bare trying to do everything or please everyone, and shelve any grandstanding. White Buffalo Calf Woman takes form and her return will bring balance and harmony on Mother Earth.

 You are all at differing shades of spiritual evolution, however you all have the wherewithal to overcome all the obstacles placed on your path to higher light, although you may play down this reality. Realize dear ones the earth plane is yours to command. Yet faithlessness is on the increase, which is understandable as you are now very malleable.

 Limited consciousness is stressful, yet you may see the lighter side even in quite challenging times. Be assured that what you love and care for can not be lost and always returns new and better than before. All exist in perfect balance yet this may seem confusing and vague for some. Look with the eyes of the creator to see the harmony and balance in all. Your logical mind may be enticed to look for hard evidence for this and to test it to its limits. Duality and separation is well defended by the logical mind. However if you step outside of your perceptual habits you can find convincing and compelling evidence and learn new things and then shine with new understanding.

 The dark have got their hooks into your vital interests. However we will intervene to defend the population at time appointed by heaven. Listen to your intuition to empower yourselves in the meantime. They have overestimated their power. However no soul is unredeemable as all are of the Divine. All souls at times alternate between light and dark. Ask yourselves are you greater or less-than your failings or successes? Loving all makes you free.

   You are not seasoned enough yet to stand on your own. We know that many of you are very driven and want all the positive changes to happen at once. Rest assured there will be a redistribution of wealth to extent of the storehouses being emptied to feed the poor and hungry. Everyone will have all that they need and you will cast off subsistence and wage slavery. You will be pleasantly surprised by the splendour that is in store. The spell of poverty will be stymied. We can not yet intervene; however we send you our vibrations of love and light.

 Spiritual immaturity underlies violence and cynicism. Yet many feel uneasy by the thought of telling people lost to concerns of daily life about light and love, however as lightworkers it is your path to inform people in an efficient and well-defined way. Their upliftment is in the interest of the public good, and general welfare of all in a deep-rooted way.

 You have had to undergo extortionate money-lending practices perennially, and this was compulsory if you wanted access to money. So ubiquitous it is that it is easy to escape this realization. However all forms of media now exclaim the banking misconduct and it engenders a straightening out of the disorder, and the changes when made will be effective with everyone receiving their fair share.

 For too long now your wealth and living standard has fluctuated up and down, with people flocking into the big cities looking for a better life. With the coming changes will be an acute return to living in tune with the spirit of nature. You may be quick to dismiss the need to live naturally but this is a fallacy. Just one example; each and everyone of you has a Merkaba that when activated can by itself save your life by producing all the heat and energy needed to stay warm in cold conditions. Dear Ones you already have all you need within, and once you have achieved a high enough state of consciousness you may give light to all that you could ever wish for.

 The thing many of you most long for is to sow the seeds of love in communion with friends and loved ones, key to that aim is to humble yourselves and take another look at situations or things which at first glance look hopeless and find the hidden value. Go about your daily lives with prudence and calm, not letting situations or events bug you. Your guides and angels are helping your enterprise into light, and we believe that you can overcome your circumstances.

 We of the Sirian Mothership send you our hearty and warm greetings and you have our deepest respect. Duality is like a treadmill however this balance of opposites is about to change. You will be carried forward and impelled on to meet the light and divide you from the dark. When we return it will be a time of merrymaking and with us woven together as one. Fiery spirits will turn up toward the light and in the course of time all will just 'get it'. You have turned a corner and are in a good place to move forward and selfishness will take flight and be blown to the wind.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 18 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 18 May 2015.

 We see now a great desire in many to possess latest internet technology, however to exclusively get all of your guidance from outer world is inflexible in reasoning, as the master codes are set within you. You are called to start on the path of looking within for your information. This can place you within reach of ideal version of yourselves. Which will help you do your best in any situation encountered and face all with competence and care, to then become the witness. This breaks your routine and we understand how this could be difficult for you, although small steps into the vast unknown part of yourselves - when taken repeatedly can secure your restoration to Full Consciousness. You should not be taxed on the river of information flowing ever from the source of all that is, which breaks on your shores sounding an end to the debilitation of your fallen state. We will shepherd you pass any dangers on the path, and prevent you mishandling things precious to you. If you take seriously the promptings of your heart you will be refined and gracious always.

 Many sensitive to criticism consider themselves afflicted with alienation when they are the subject of passionate and very public discourse. However when people become polarized it is often a cry for help. It takes a keen eye to work through helping others when facing what at times can be trivial objections and not fall back into old ways of thinking and feeling, which can indelibly be ingrained in the collective psyche. Look to those who have overcome these issues to light the way forward. You have the potential to cross into finding harmony amongst yourselves and come together in joy, showing each the best of what the other has to offer. It is high time to oversimplify matters concerning your social relationships and bond together in love.

 We know many of you feel abandoned here, left sullied with limited consciousness and have to face cycles of scarcity, however if you would willingly swim out of the morass and come up for air, you may then redress issues, of manipulation of others, power-plays and getting even, etc. and return to your original divine blue print. It is not easy to live open and vulnerable, for many feel this would put them in harms way. In the field of life we do not judge or rebuke as all here have been born into limited consciousness. If you are having difficulty step back from the issues in your lives and become empty, and we will step forward and write the path forward to the light on your heart and mind imperceptibly and unobtrusively. 

  We are slowly bringing around your military industrial complex to putting their talents to other more beneficial uses, by appealing to your leadership. Those observant of the cycles of zodiac know this is time for peace. It is time to put the warlike ways underwater and you will then have a blank slate to create whatever you wish. However a small amount of suspicion will always remain so you are tasked to find ways to work through this. What may facilitate this are friendly and sociable gatherings as it is where you may find much inspiration.

 A roadblock to peace is the Israeli situation. This issue is reconcilable and workable for the most part, save for the devilment and mischief making of the dark ones. You should be awake and alert to this, so as to not let chaos and confusion of situation there be decisive factor in drive for permanent peace. Be assured living together in Love, kindness and safety is possible.
 From the outset there has been hairsplitting over the Iranian nuclear reactor, with those opposed tempted to bomb it, but this will not be allowed, rather it will be robustly protected as to do otherwise would be unhinged, because resultant radiation would certainly spread. This is of foremost concern and if necessary we can calm the hearts of all concerned to provide a breathing space. Too often people go into a herd mentality and simply repeat accepted policy without thinking of consequences. Religious freedom should be pressed as this can help clear the malaise.

 Hothouse situations are where you learn practical skills, often times you see clearly how it all comes together when you are exhausted after having tried everything. You are initiating coming into your own power, yet not taking yourselves too seriously while aspiring to be greater than you currently are. All this time while you slept in limitation you have still wielded your power, for when open and exposed you can find significant meaning that would otherwise be lost to you if your lives were too predictable.

 You have turned out well, and your gains in spiritual evolution are sealed. Petty small-mindedness has been pushed out by the agitation of solar flares which is now ingrained. You have sidestepped being easily tricked or taken in, as you are all Great beings that have been pledge to the light. You have learnt to follow your own path and leave aside what no longer serves, therefore your time of abundance draws near.

 As you search for truth there are great mysteries hidden in open view and in surprisingly simple things. They can be found when you open up to Innocence and Wonder. However often what is put out for you as knowledge and truth is artificial and will lead to your downfall. You should be the leader of yourselves and find a rhythm that is right for you. When faced with false information do not react with aggression or push into another’s free-will. Rather try to develop a tolerance for all the many variety of souls and paths. Animosity is not needed as you are all magical beings, of which you should not be surprised.

  You are being given the help you need to live your lives without the irritating interference of the dark ones, and you will have the monies you need to live in extravagance beyond what you have ever hoped for. Their delaying tactics are being called out and seen for the now familiar pattern. They are an aspect of your many selves, except a little more focused on separation and oblivious to the One Source within them.

 The falsehood that we are separate can cause much anguish, it will take time to see past the indoctrination and conditioning of the 3rd dimension. However this may be done through deep introspection and will herald monumental changes of how the cycles of time spread out. When you run from what is inside you, your earth walk is rough and isolated. Thereby which is sensed within should not be easily disposed of as it is your gateway to upliftment. It can save you from the dark darts which are directed to derail you from the path to the light. Rest assured that as vibrations on earth rise you will eventually be torn away from negative energies for good, and this is leading into a time of rebirth. Ostensibly this could seem pretentious, however only looking at what can easily be perceived is only a small part of your reality.

 Many of your Holy Scriptures will have to be unburdened of what does not serve the highest good. For a long time they have been meddled with. The Great faith of Islam will be brought around very carefully. Their intense energy and passion for God will be needed in the coming Union where all faiths will be rolled together as One. This will bring healing to humanity and balance to male and female energies, with resources provided to facilitate. This is a return to the original order as you have gone full circle. Let this not pass through your mind without thinking upon it, you should make note of this.

 The way to self mastery is pointed and full of distractions, so you are commended for such a difficult and often lonely walk to the light, yet have become self-reliant and shielded, as many have prophetic visions so may take right action in time.

 Many are split over the Green issue, with some seeing it as arbitrary and overbearing, we would remind them of the majesty and beauty of nature and how protecting it can lead to sustainable life, therefore it should be protected from development or exploitation from those disreputable.

 All is going according to plan, despite things not being correctly understood as much is lost in translation, for you do not yet have the concepts to comprehend the fullness of all that which is communicated, however this task will be taken up by the younger people. The greed and avarice of the dark will eventually lead to all peoples reunifying as one. To then become a Rainbow Tribe, and bypass the demeaning attitudes of the past. With pleasant relations filling the air, replacing quiet disapproval. The downward path is over and you can enjoy the fruits of your labours and we urge you on to the light.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 8 May 2015

Sirian Mothership 8 May 2015.

 Your lives are under a great deal of pressure yet a shimmer of hope shines through. Situations can only go so low, then they turn around. All is in accordance with your soul contract. The rough road is desirable only for soul growth, still often times you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew. Life in duality is poignant so you naturally feel like pulling away and resisting the work, however we ask you to continue the path to growth and you will have something more valuable than gold.

 Those whose aims are consolidation of power, face disappointment as the triumph of the light is at hand. The machinations of the dark are being confronted at earliest stages, praise the Creator for clotting their plans. They could not accept that their plans were built on Mounds of sand for all these Aeons of time.

 The alternative media is truly raving over 'Jade Helm' as the supreme deal. Remember the divine feminine and assert it before you acquiesce to pressure to close your fists. For those in any possible effected area you have great power innately within to protect yourself. If you cross over into taking rash action the outlook in America looks like civil war, with both sides exchanging aggression and much blood-letting. Where you split on issues should be replaced with both sides finding ways to merge and flow together on every single interest and issue. However don't be a pushover or let others confuse your position. You will be untouched by these military exercises and rest assured that it is only to your gain. Although scary the rhetoric, for the most part it is incoherent and from those unsatisfied with the blessings they still do have. These exercises are really about curtailing and cutting off the scope and power of the church's rule over your lives.
 The elite convincingly mimic true environmental concern, your task is free yourselves of simply accepting what is placed as truth in front of you, and develop real love, affection and compassion for Gaia. Her waters are giving birth to a race of high vibrational beings clothed in a new light body to help with rebirth of age of light.

 The Goddess is being leveraged back into your world and being given the wings of an eagle so she may gently adjust and repair your energies. Her energies of love will reduce the posturing with missiles of mass destruction to nonsense talk and cut these things from your lives, as they are a shoddy means of defence. We know you are all fatigue with these regular updates, but remember to be of love foremost.

 Your forebears had great calmness and composure and were heart centered, yet over time you became attracted to looking at things by the numbers and very logical, still you have the same potential they did. As your frequency elevates to a high level you can trace your way back to the light. Instructions have been graciously provided in packets of information encoded into the air and water all around you and are hard-coded into your reality.

 Many lives are dominated by the search for a twin flame or partner. People date many in that search and spend excessive energy on making themselves attractive and adorned, this is unnecessary, we ask you to stop this and focus on your spiritual development. We realise to impress this on you is an imposition as many are wanting earthly desires, however you have free-will as you are the wards of your physical vessel so the final say rest with you. At times the path forward can be difficult to see through the distractions and illusions of duality, but whatever path you choose you are always growing ever toward the light.

 At a certain stage you will realise that suffering can be washed off by standing in the stream of the real unchanging you, the 'I AM'. with this inner realisation is the Simultaneous promulgation to inner and outer worlds, so that the inner world parallels the outer world, this can bring a general healing to your heart, mind and body. You are all ancient beings and are expert in all things.

 We act as referee to the people of your planet, as surrogate until you become masters at resolving and negotiating disputes and disagreements yourselves. When this condition is met your lives will become affluent and prosperous, comparable to living in a very high frequency where everything happens faster, yet with comfort and productivity.

 Many classify themselves as if they are nowhere or unimportant and struggle to overcome this for the most part. Dear Ones you are riding through the galaxy on Mother Earth following a most pleasant path. We specifically say when you look to your daily life you should not be hard-hearted with the humdrum of petty annoyances. 

 You are very much permeable to new ideas, but sometimes it is good to run away from it all and go off-line to connect with that which is tangible within. You may go for a lone spirit walk to facilitate your healing and purification, spend time in nature communing with your brothers and sisters which are the animals and plants. Bring together what is apart.

 Some people have been imprisoned in black-sites hidden away from courts and legal representation. This is very troublesome yet most people on the whole seem indifferent. You are all generally big-hearted but at times can be unfocused and detached to things going on behind the scenes and we are aware that all of this can be overwhelming. Nevertheless be assured the Allies of light are working to rescue them, it will take a duration of time, even so they will be pulled free.

 With all these concepts and statements made here pack them away in your heart and simplify them down to something you understand as you return to your daily routine. The knowledge will be accessible when needed. Too much information may incapacitate, so if you feel the need then discard what does not serve you. We on the Mothership lovingly deliver these updates to refresh your spirits, for your enjoyment and so to recover a healthy relaxed attitude.

 Counter-intuitively your vibration tends to become elevated and raised when you are ground down by the process of living life, although we of the Galactic Federation still skilfully work to impair the dark ones. You all have our deepest respect as your earthly walk can be bitter at times.

 Your earth plane is going into a realm of light and you are being monitored for the necessary support to sustain the energies and given the information you need. The veil is coming down and your Heart is being worked on to Open it fully. This process is very challenging and some will choose to drop body. Do not lament for them for like the acrobat they will swing back better and higher than ever.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

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