Saturday, 4 April 2015

SaLuSa 04 April 2015

SaLuSa 04 April 2015.

 Your society's energy mainstay is Middle eastern oil. Our allies are seeking to prohibit this trade and have a host of ways to get Nations to envision a world powered by free energy. When realized it would act as an agent restoring nature to pristine condition, as the pollution was cause by chasing highly industrialized way of life, nonetheless the petrol powered lifestyle is still venerated. These fuels are finite and non-replaceable, but your leaders won't except this and would rather spin, slant and sparkle up this simple truth. To Rest advancement of alternative energy for temporary low oil price would be to dance in illusion. Low fuel prices are a barefaced attempt to tie the economy to this form of energy consumption for foreseeable future, as big oil see their profits turning to vapour with onset of alternatives.

 The impoverished are treated in a thoughtless manner, conversely the search for money is taken as obsession at every opportunity. The welfare of the poor should be given special attention and not put on the back-burner or other stop gap measures. Dear ones you can cushion and protect one another when you fall short, instead of just seeing the homeless as anonymous and smelly.

 The Media are full of images promoting women being at the behest of men's every whim. This is set to change in the coming time with women singing to the tune of their independence. Dark entities have created this and it goes counter to the Divine plan of Sacredness of all.

 For those reading these words wishing to debate any ambiguities should go elsewhere. Clothe yourselves in the middle path, as that is where you will raise your frequency favourably. At the completion of your time in limited consciousness, your ego will be stripped bare revealing the spark of creator God within, and you will see the folly of aggression. Therefore we implore you to perennially stay on the path to spiritual adept. You may stray from the path of light from time to time, but it is not an overall trend. Those who will not accept the light will be placed away where they can not interfere with you, for despite their reproachful actions they remain defiant.

   NESARA will restore the American Republic to its founding principles, this may be enacted at any minute so be ready. Freedom and sovereignty are your birthright. Like the bald eagle the American people are being brought back from the brink of a measly and frightful outlook. Monies will be added to supply what is needed, your life will have much leisure time and you will be able to write your own ticket.

 The Indian political system is full of controversy, but they have seen the need for reforms. The political parties are looking to move to a two party system and away from crooked politicians and underhanded manipulations of media. Eventually all nations will resemble the godly ideal, as you have realized your obligation to root out questionable practices. You will do only good to your fellow man without any threat of punishment, and will undergo a profound transformation that will consume allot of your attention. As well you will move away from wasting time on frivolous pursuits, and this will mark the final discontinuation of your sojourn through limited consciousness.

 The dark ones will be put in stasis and taken to a more primitive world to work through their Karma. They can rejoin you in the light when they have discharged and discarded all that is abhorrent. All are loved no matter of happenstance and All secretly work together for the unfoldment of the Divine plan, as All are One.

  The chilling effect that has been placed upon Government organizations that spy on your online activities was all part of the road map to raise your consciousness from the former disordered state. You are powerful creator beings, although you may seem awkward at times, this is only illusion, as hiding under the veneer are your true harmonious natures.

 Dear Ones we are very excited about the positive changes happening here on earth, and beings across the universe are talking about it. You have put the Dark ways on Ice and gained a deeper level of experience and sophistication from your time in the hornets nest, which is duality and separation. In your maturity you can see past outer appearances in others to the real being that only wants to be covered in love.

 These are only previews of what is to come, as the totality is covered and cloaked. This may seem odd, but everything is exact, strategic and carefully prepared for. Even supporters do not know the whole plan so they may not inadvertently reveal it.

 The Crucifixion of Christ was about losing excessive identification with material plane, as you go to Church this Easter Sunday well-dressed you could reflect on this.   If you are choosing to attend or watch a sporting event you may be polite and courteous. To those all over the world we reserve a place in our hearts for you.

 Native American and other Indigenous Spiritual Traditions may be encapsulated in that they can create a more peaceful and harmonious manner by which you all work and flow together. They have been left with the most undiluted message and are at the epicenter of Dreaming the new-age of light into being. Many of you only know of this through the medium of the internet, but it is recommended to get more intimate with this as you come out of the winter.

 The positive effects of this Blood Moon have been over shadowed by dire predictions, it is incumbent upon you to not misinterpret it. The energies of this moon take the disorder and carelessness and send it through a vortex, and support in realizing how unrestrained passion is inappropriate.

 The Greek economy is set to be revived with Russian help, for this they may face exile, but this will have a diffuse effect. It is very simple, by diverging away from the corrupt banking system barriers to growth and austerity can be reasonably addressed. When this happens it will come as a surprise and be controversial, with spurious claims thrown about, but it is darkest before the dawn, and with dawn will come time of bounty. 

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the very moment we can bypass all the delaying obstacles we will join with you in our Motherships.

Thank You SaLuSa.

Love, Phil.

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