Thursday 30 April 2015

Sirian Mothership 30 April 2015

Sirian Mothership 30 April 2015.

 A vast display is being put on your world that everything is the same and all is business as usual, which is very captivating, but you are asked to listen closely as the undertone shows the full scope and breadth of all that is really going on. We are looking out for your well-being and are on hand to guide and teach with a gentle tone, and have put the agendas of Dark Cabal in check. The dark have become careless in their resistance to going along with the positive changes. They have been left in bewilderment, their last resort is to play the differences of people against each other. However you can let your discernment flower into seeing all people whatever race, religion, sexual preference, social status, political views, etc. with a new innocence and purity. This can fertilize an age of love and ground divine feminine aspect into your culture. 

 You have been ruled in a callous and heartless manner since the fall of Atlantis and regarded as coveted commodities by the elite. In later times the oil and hydrocarbon business has been employed and it is mixed into everything you consume, from medicines to plastics. This has made them vast sums of money. This will end with a sweeping and exhaustive examination of how money moves and is deployed with a look to rooting out pointless and purposeless uses.

 You can thank our many nameless earth allies, light-servers, starseeds and walkins, for breaking through the seal of darkness and revitalizing the light. It is said that many servers of light have an imbalanced personality, but this is part of their soul contract. We watch over all souls nonetheless.

 The path to highest light has been bumpy at times, with many having their light drowned out by the weaselly snares of the dark ones, yet remember that the greatest evil lies within. Be assured that any sequence of events will always lead you ever closer to enlightenment. We leave messages to help you on your path in signs and symbols written into your life stream, so that those who have fallen may recover their light.

 Many have lost their homes and property in flashes of repossessions by thugs and bean counters. Yet you may take the high road and see past others tyrannical actions. You deserve abundance and the finer things in life and rest assured that you will be made whole again.

 We are moving gracefully and lovingly toward first contact with you. This has been sidelined many times, however for this event to happen everything necessary needs to be synchronized and supported perfectly. While we may not yet physically be there with you, we are with you in spirit. We feel obligated to do our best to see you safely through this difficult time as you our are family.   

 All this talk of pandemics are to lure you into accepting the many vaccinations. Take care not to yield to this as it will effect your mental coherence and performance. All of this will be included in the announcements coming, with NESARA, Disclosure, etc. To many who have not heard this information it will seem strange at first and to be sure will be hotly debated when made. Nevertheless take safeguards, such as keeping two weeks of food and water on hand, as the monetary system and essential services may be shut down for a short time while the change over takes place.  There are beautiful and nurturing things stored up in vast reservoir waiting to be tapped by you. With the new found power and wealth comes a feeling of awkwardness, as you are not accustomed to this way of life, but as you gain in experience you will find your feet and right yourselves. It is as they say, “don't judge a book by it's cover”. You will dive into this new world with both eyes open and claim the blessings that await. With even those that disbelieve and reject are help finding their place in this new age of light.

 Regrettably the dark ones in their barbarism have maligned and even killed many free energy inventors, however invention on this continues. M.T. Keshe and others have learned from and taken adequate precautions to vulnerabilities of previous fallen inventors and are bringing a bright welcoming new dawn for New energy technologies, ripping the veil and cover-up of decades of suppression and lies that you still need oil and gas for energy. This shows that even the most abhorrent and repugnant of human behaviours when accounted and prepared for are manageable. The key to this is a new found rationality when seeking solutions to socio-economic problems.

 You have willingly come here and given yourselves over to limited consciousness and this difficult earth experience, as it is a chrysalis for your advancement and evolution. The path forward is opaque, however we ensure that you will reclaim and restore your fully conscious selves as Beings of Light. Till then manage yourselves as well as humanly possible. We will join with you together in Love soon.

 We see that some of you are rejecting finding ways to share your passion for light and love with others that seem stuck and mired in old dusty ways. What you see is only a snapshot in the long journey of great beings. In the end all will turn out well. By raising your frequency ultra high, your light by itself will do infinitely more than words alone. You are all followers of the great game, yet you may take to the air and let your soul fly free of the pitfalls of separation and duality, engraving your soul on the clouds of higher realms to return to your first abode of oneness with all.

 We are saving you by finally clearing the lower astral or dream space of parasitic entities, this can help clear a path so that even the most novice seeker of light can find their way home. These archons have wrecked havoc on your ability to keep your vibrations in harmony with Divine blueprint, however they will be taken back to their relevant dimension.

 In your daily life look out for ways to limit excessively seeking separation from others, as the end result are harsh and obsessive connections with people, and this ultimately reflects back to you, creating isolation and abandonment in your life. So it would be a misuse of your efforts, rather seek to integrate everyone as best you can.

 We will come to live with you on earth in all places, continents, islands and mountains, our ways will seem incomprehensible, but they will be incontestable in their effectiveness and benefit to both humanity and mother earth. We will transform you into a glorified being of light and demonstrate how our technology can do this. It will be a joyous occasion full of happiness. You will be your ideal self and live spontaneously. Being able to travel the ocean of stars to meet with other civilisations. We are the beings on Sirian Mothership and our thanks goes out to you all, much is still yet unfinished and we are highly focused on resolving it.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

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